funny outtakes part 1

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Mama, I want to go back home! The floor is wet, my feet are cold and I am hungry!

While our first photoshooting he used to crawl on my arms, just to meow and cuddle a bit and than he continues his discovery tour. Just so cute.

I have to declar, that I normaly don’t f ollow any Youtube or Blogger-Trends, Not because I don’t like them.The Outtakes-Trend for example is one of my favorite highlights on every blog. I laughed lustily about many ugly pictures that show my colleagues and yas, I also thought spiteful „damn, you are so ugly, but respect that you’re so brave to show us THIS“.

And yes, these posts unveil my disguisting part and somehow I feel like I have to mollify karma and give you a reason to laugh lustily.
And while you do so – I want to say thank you fat jelly, for somehow always taking some amazing pictures and making me look lovely, somehow.
So have von with my first funny Outtake. Funny more for you than for me.
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Play with the camera – you’re a tiger! Rawwwr!
Even when the little boy looks passive and maybe even a bit…overwhelmed. But to make it plain – HE jumped on my lap. Fact is, I can’t take pictures at home without him posing and to presenthimself in „the proper light“ if you know what I mean. XD Fun Fact – my cat already photobombed me.

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Beside my Blog I also professionaly parade…balloons.
It took me a while, to decide if you should or even could show you this picture. This one or the one where the balloon nearly strangled me.

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How I look on pictures VS. How I look in reality
Btw. This is my „is there some cake left?“-face and yes, I went by train back home LIKE THIS…it was cold!

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May I introduce – my fitting room.

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What was that again? Professional balloon sitter?!
This is what happen when your photo-prop flies away in the middle of your shooting and you try to catch it. Totaly in panic. Wearing your most uncomfortable heels. Tramping after it and your photographer is just taking pictures and laughoing.
Ps.Yeeeees, I could it.

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38 thoughts on “funny outtakes part 1

  1. 😀 Ich liebe solche Beiträge total.
    Musste so lachen bei dem letzten Bild mit dem Luftballon .
    Ich habe letztens erst bei einer Bloggerin Fotos mit Luftballons gesehen und hab ich mir noch gedacht, bei mir würden die sicher wegfliegen… 😀

    Liebste Grüße Tamara

  2. Ach wie cool 😀 Ich finde die Bilder total toll, vor allem das mit der Umkleidekabine hehe 😀

    Dankeschön, das freut mich 🙂
    Hihi das glaube ich dir, aber das wird schon 🙂
    Alles Liebe Sara

  3. Haha, sehr süss! Sieh es mal so: Du probierst so viele interessante Sachen für die Shootings aus, da muss halt auch mal was schiefgehen! Ich bin eher so der immer-die-3-gleichen-Posen-in-jedem-Outfit-Typ, da krieg ich höchstens mal Outtakes, wenn ich doof gucke. Aber als ich mein Meerjungfrauen-Shooting hatte, sind ständig Hunde in den Teich gehüpft, um mal nachzusehen, was das denn für ein seltsamer Fisch ist, da gibt es auch viele nette Outtakes xD
    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

    1. Haha wie geil mit den den Hunden, schon bei der Vorstellung musste ich lachen XD
      WObei was das Posen angeht fühle ich mich auch nicht sooo kreativ.
      Nach 5 Minuten schreie ich meistens schon “haben wir den Shot? Mir fällt nichts mehr ein” XD

    1. You dind’t?
      Oh maybe this is a german trend 😉 But to be honest, I’ve never seen a youtube-fail/outtake video.
      definetly, sometime it takes a bit to get the perfect shot….and with “a bit” I mean tousand outtakes XD

  4. OMG! Your photos are so artistic, I really love them all, they are amazing. Keep your artistic spirit alive!
    I am sorry I can’t see all your posts, I get rejected saying that the post is available only in Germany.
    Have a fantastic day!

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