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Julia-Karolina Saj

hey my sweeties. my name is julia-karolina, I’m a twenty-something catlady and I’m bouncing through the streets in colorful clothes as “amely rose” on a regular basis. although I’m living on the pulse of time vitually since I’m a fashion blogger, I moved to the countryside some time ago – to the beautyful Eifel. I prefere instagram over facebook, pajamas over every other type of clothing, cats over dogs and pizza over everthing.

Cologne, Germany

Blogger of Amely Rose

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Cat Walk

the most fashionable cat

cat walk, the most fashionable cat, is a small bengal tomcat. the marble tiger loves cheese, posing for photos and claiming mom’s (amely rose’s) bed for himself alone at night.
Yound wild and fluffy!


Frédéric Sapart

fat jellyfish

frederic sapart aka “fat jellyfish” is the mediadesigner behind amelyrose.com. with his finger on the shutter release button at the right moment or as often as necessary to get something useful – you never know 😀 But what I know is the fact that there wass only halff as much content and a lot more foul excuses about why there was no shooting and much less fun without the fat jellyfish.
He is my great love and his is the canon 5d Marklll.

Cologne, Germany

Photographer of Amely Rose


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