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once upon a cream | beautyproducts to feel good

  Once upon A Cream | beautyproducts to feel good This blogpost contaisn advertisement. A perfect skin and living a sustainable life – is easy. And no, this is not another “once upon a time…” Why? Because there is a need for an aware and sustainable Lifestyle. A need for harmonie between body, nature and […]

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In a bath of roses | basic spa

This blogpost contains advertisement. In a bath of roses | basic spa Bon Jovi already sang about the amazing and heavenly bath of roses. Or did he say “bed”? Who cares. The important thing is the message. The song is a tribute to a pretty woman. This is and always will be my intension when […]

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but first make up | beauty review

but first make up | Beauty Review *This Blogpost contains advertisement. A powder and eyeshadow review…but first Make up. Ich habe lange überlegt, wie ich diesen Beitrag beginnen soll, denn das was ich euch zeige, habt ihr so noch nicht auf meinem Blog gesehen und das soll definitiv nicht untergehen. Doch zu Beginn muss ich […]