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spring bucket list | shooting in a botanical garden

This blogpost contains advertisement. spring bucket list Spring is my favourite season. I simply adore the gentle feeling of rays of sunshine on your skin, hearing the birds chippering in the morning and all those pretty flowers. This makes me so happy. Now it’s already march and this is my way to say “welcome spring”, […]

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just a normal shooting | halloween fail – storytime

*This blogpost contains advertisement. Just a normal shooting | fail – storytime I love showing you new, extravagant pictures. Other than my Blog-workmates, who come off very well with ther concept: always posing infront of the same naked wall, holding a coffee mug in their hands and a shy smile. The same picture….again and again…just […]

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but first make up | beauty review

but first make up | Beauty Review *This Blogpost contains advertisement. A powder and eyeshadow review…but first Make up. Ich habe lange überlegt, wie ich diesen Beitrag beginnen soll, denn das was ich euch zeige, habt ihr so noch nicht auf meinem Blog gesehen und das soll definitiv nicht untergehen. Doch zu Beginn muss ich […]