Amely Rose german influencer in a stylish pink #ootd in a lift. This fashioneditorial reminds of #fiftyshadesof rose.

I commited a crime | pretty in pink

My teachers from my past time in school probably are throwing their hands up in horror right now. That’s something they saw coming! Amely Rose commited a crime. Always trouble at school, never there on time, inapropriate behavior… but at least I dared to drop out of my first scholastics WITHOUT feeling bad. I became […]

Amely Rose auf der Fashionweek in Berlin, ein cooler zweiteiler Look im vintagestyle.

flowerpower in Berlin | a vintage twopiece

It’s raining, but it’s beautiful. In Berlin, everything is beautiful. And while I’m watching the dense raindrops streaming down the shop windows, I see them. Flowers. The most beautiful ones I have ever seen. They’ve probably been boring, normal pink flowers, but I’m standing in front of a florist in Berlin and for some reason […]

Amely Rose zeigt eine Horror Fotostrecke als grusel Barbie, ein Halloweenmake_up, ein Halloweenkostüm und ein sfx Make up tutorial.

Horror barbie | Halloween Make up

“Where are you, you spongy, yellow, delicious bastards? “ This would be my battle cry as a zombie, and I would follow you to the bitter end in my glitter heels, piece by piece! And just in case someone asked, this is what happens when Girls have too much free time! Don’t blame us, we […]