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Desire – my loyal friend and companion

Desire – my loyal friend and companion Desire – so light and poetic, slightly melancholic and yet full of passion. Who’s speaking of desire seems like they’ve seen everything there is in life – lived a hundred lives – a traveler that’s home to nowhere with endless stories to tell. Who’s speaking of desire has […]

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All Blogs Post the Same – You Only Live Online

All blogs post the same… good, that I am no blogger. Well, I have a blog – and Instagram. And yes, I mention it like once or twice in any conversation. Perhaps I choose the most instagrammable food when I order something at a restaurant, and I might be guilty of arranging the table set […]

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Hold my crown, I fight the dragon on my own | a story of a modern feminist

a story of a modern feminist I am the shy type. This kind of girl that’s the loudest on a party – bare your teeth before you get bitten. But when the conversations change over to emotional topic I am the first one to leave the bunch, right before the first tears start to fall. Showing […]