Amely Rose zur Fashionweek in London vor demlondoner Hotspot Pub Churchill arms im gelben Enteiler, Zara Jacke und orangen Pumps.

The ultimate hater-guide | my fellow bloggers are annoying

There are negative experiences connected to my (new) favorite photo series from London. I just found out that it’s really “in” to mouth off about somebody or something in posts. About one year ago this collective sigh was camouflaged as “sunday post” (or any other day of the week you’d like to choose). Today this […]

amely rose, german influencer, travelblogger und fashionblog trägt in Londin zur fashion week Schmuck und einen Herbstlook von Kork&More.

what to wear: trip to London

This post contains advertisement. Last weekend London was calling for me and I’m glad to be there every single time. Up until now I already visited England’s capital three times this year. For me it’s one of the most exciting places I’ve ever been to. Same goes for the style of this fashion metropolis. Edgy, cool, extraordinary stylish and above all convenient. The fashion style is casual and functional. You only carry with you what’s really needed. Nobody appears overloaded or even dressed “uncomfortably”. Despite all that London’s style is simply cool. Every time I visit this I get the feeling of being inspired […]

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blogging tips | why your blog is unsuccessful

When I found out that some blogger can pay their rent with their passion… I wanted the same. I like being in the center of attention and I like talking about myself, often and a lot. Getting paid for this has to be the dream. The first step into the right direction seems to become […]