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Ricarda M, beauty, review, pflegeprodukte, vegane_creme, secrets_of_beauty, Amely_rose,Hello summer!
Hello long evenings outside at sundown.
Hello short dresses and vibrant colors.
Hello sand on the skin and salt in the hair.
And most of all – hello light make up.

When you take a look at the calendar you’ll notice that summer is right around the corner. And following the rising temperature it’s time to shed the layers of textile that cover our bodies. This doesn’t just count for clothes, but also for your skin. By going without heavy make-up that vanishes so quickly, with every drop of sweat. But if you’re into make-up you’ll know the challenge that is “no make-up-make up”. Because besides the expectation, you’ll need a bunch of products to look fresh and natural – all day long. But there’s an easier way to that. The right skin care prevents problems and takes care of anything make-up tries to hide. And that’s why I’ll show you the amazing Secrets of Beauty by Ricarda M.


Secret of Beauty
The magic of this line lies in the word “hyaluronan” – at least to some part. Because this range of products is packed with highly efficient ingredients, that work in perfect harmony. Here are my five highlights for your all-inclusive wellness feeling.
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Immediate Lifting Effect!
The Anti Aging Boost 24/7 Face Cream is basically like the soft focus Photoshop tool in a 200ml pot. This moisturizer protects the entire 100% of the light spectrum (no matter if UVA, UVB, blue light or infrared) with photoprotector, extracted from the blossoms of the butterfly lilac. This also protects the skin from again and reduced hyper-pigmentation (discolorations like freckles or aging spots) up to 70%. The lotion is the ideal protection from natural and artificial light and shows a significant reduction of wrinkles (about 53% after 2 weeks of regular use and 57,8% after 4 weeks).

Application: You can use the lotion in the morning and in the evening, spread evenly on face, chin and neck.
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The clearer of the future!
This guarantees the Skin Refiner Clearing Water, coming in a beautiful 400ml pump bottle. One of the exciting ingredients is the extract of the red clover blossom. It balances the state of your skin and refines the pores (reducing the up to 80% within one month). Another result with regular application lies in matt, glowing and even skin. It also reduces redness and soothes any irritations, to calm the skin. As a highlight, it increases the antioxidant protection by 57%.

Application: You can use the Skin Refiner Clearing Water up to three times per day on your skin.
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A true wonder of moisturization!
That’s what the Hydro Boost Dermafiller Serum (60ml) is all about. It works IMMEDIATELY and increases your skins moisture by 91% right after application.

Application: Apply a few drops of the moisture boost in the morning and evening, gently massaging it into the face, chin and neck area. Tip: It works ideally right after your daily skin lotion.
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The rEYEvulotion!
A true revolution comes with the Redesign Eye Contour Cream in a 60ml dispenser. The cream improves sustainably the quality of the entire eye area. Plus it reduces wrinkles or crowsfeet visibly! Short things short – the thin, fragile skin around the eyes is getting stronger and younger within only two weeks. The treatment improves the visible youth of the eye contour and builds up the entire substance of your skin.

Application: Gently pat the cream around your eye area.
ricarda m, anti-wrinkle, eye_cream, amely rose, vegane_kosmetik
Stop the Wrinkle!T
he last little helper is the
Special 3D Wrinkle Killer. But don’t worry, it’s not as aggressive as it sounds – and of course not to your skin. He just wants to care. And that’s what the Wrinkle Killer does best, it basically works like natural botox – whilst improving the relaxation of the muscles. It smooths the relief of the skin and fills wrinkles from within, especially around your forehead and eye area. With immediate results!

Application: The Wrinkle Killer can be applied up to three times a day. On the forehead, the eye area and wherever wrinkles are visible.


This skin care line is ideal for any skin. Soft, delicate and caring, but with an immediate, visible result. I already recommended the great Vitamin C care range by Ricarda M (you’ll find that here) and just like then, I am absolutely in love with the products. What makes Ricarda M’s products so special is the philosophy behind it that you can feel in anything I just talked about: Highest quality on highest, international, scientific standard.

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  1. Im Sommer setzen wir unsere Haut wirklich ein paar Gegebenheiten aus, weshalb sie besondere Pflege bedarf. Da können solche Produkte wirklich wahre Wunder bewirken. 🙂
    Ein sehr schöner Beitrag.

    Am Rande möchte ich aber noch erwähnen, dass hier der Sommer leider doch noch etwas auf sich warten lässt. Wir hatten zwar in der einen Woche bereits sommerliche Temperaturen und jeden Tag viel Sonnenschein, aber danach sieht es draußen nun gar nicht mehr aus.

    Liebe Grüße

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