How to start your Bullet Journal – the Basics

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Post it notes everywhere, lost To Do lists (and if there’s nothing to do why not binge Netflix all day?), forgotten appointments, a fortune spent at the supermarket, because you just couldn’t find your shopping list…

Let’s be real, the life of a scatterbrain is a dangerous life.
Because while my friends and relatives think I have a grudge towards them, I simply forgot about their birthdays. Just like I forgot about my tax return, watering the flowers and just recently, almost about my flight to London.
By using nothing but paper and pen in order to boost your own productivity, actually and noticeably replacing bad habits with good once, bringing order to your calendar and even improving your creativity – and that’s supposed to work?
Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018 Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018Back to the Roots – the trend goes to the analog
After the digital wave of productivity- and planning-apps the trend is going back to the analog: the Bullet Journal. Because if we’re being honest, who actually got something out of the habit tracker on your phone? Endless ads (that you cannot get rid of), precious space is being taken and with a phone in my hand… I’ll have a hard time being productive anyways.

Bullet what?
The inventor of the Bullet Journal, Ryder Caroll, a New Yorker product designer brings it to a point: “The analog system for the digital ages”.

The trend from the USA is absolutely addicting, but what exactly is “bullet-journaling”? It’s a creative way of structuring your life. To lead annual, monthly, weekly or even daily calendars. At the same time it’s a diary, a financial planner, Habit Tracker, sketch book, blog and planning help for social media, documentation, To Do list archive, sport- and diet-plan, learn adviser, timetable, bucket list and and and…Everything at once.

It’s a unique, for your needs flexible planner, where all your creative ideas will find a place. With the help of this organizer you can re-create yourself from month to month, week to week, day to day.
And in the end you’ll have book with all your memories. Collect them.
Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018 Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018

Boost your Productivity
What do you need to start your Bullet Journal?
Other than a notebook and a pen – nothing.
You don’t really need anything but a notebook and a pen. (Though I would go crazy without a ruler, and I like to work with colors.)

There are no rules to your Bullet Journal. No matter if it’s lined, blank or dotted. I prefer the squared version. And for you to check off your shopping list directly online, here are my favorites. You’ll find everything you need at “Avery-Zweckform”.

It has office needs with quality. You can print everything you could imagine. Their range offers more than 1500 articles in order for you to live out your creativity whilst being professional.
In 2012 the “Notizio” was released on the market, a notebook perfectly for your Bullet Journal. The big, high-grade books make a great companion for other topics, like your finances or your university life.
The plenty versions, each different in small detail, guarantee that there’s a notebook for everyone. White lines and squares on light grey paper offer orientation, without being in the way of your writing.

“Avery-Zweckform” even goes a step further – because the guide lines are almost invisible if you’re scanning or copying your pages. I’m using the checkered hardcover notebook in an elegant black. It has the advantage of having very smooth and ink-proof paper, giving highest writing comfort. Another plus is the high-grade binding. The notebook lays flat from the beginning on, ideal for those that are not keen on breaking their books’ spine.
Another favorite is the notebook with lopsided columns. Perfect for very clean notes and drawings. I am in big favor of the closing hatch, keeping the book shut so no loose pages fall out. Another specialty is the small enfolded paper bag inside. You can easily store business cards or receipts in there. This notebook comes in an elegant black as well.
Or as a softcover version in a nice blue.

If none of this is for you, and you’d rather use a regular calendar, you’ll find something in the store, too. Just have a look at these amazing planners.
To round it up perfectly, you’ll find an assortment of pretty stickers as well. A great alternative for those with too little time to personally design their pages; or insecure about drawing themselves. I use them to count the pages and highlight priorities or single tasks. It’s fantastic, eye-catching and easy.

For the real artists beneath us, I have one last tip. I noticed, that whenever I am in a strong mood for crafting, I won’t stop at a notebook. If you want to personalize your entire flat, there are even décor-and-living-elements for that.
Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018 Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018

How To Bullet Journal
The small catch with this whole thing is that you’ll literally feel overwhelmed with everything. I felt that there’s a big secret around the trend of the Bullet Journal. There seem to be so many rules you have to follow, plus the question if there’s anything between the love for handlettering and #studygram you might’ve forgotten. I read so many instructions and can reassure you.
It’s so much easier and you can start directly with the motto of “re-inventing yourself with each page.”
So here are the basics.

The Key
The key is elementary for the Buju. It’s an overview of the symbols and the heart of my secret of productivity. It’s what tells me precisely, what tasks I’ve been avoiding for weeks. Awkward!

I decided to stick to the common symbols:
A square for each individual task, a cross for marking it as “done”. A comparison sign (“>”) marks tasks I had to postpone. Each time I pushed a task, I got a “>”. Try to finish the job before the third sign. And no cheating! 😉
Cross out events or tasks that are done. A circle marks my appointments, a small dot resembles my notes and thoughts. Small, colorful stickers highlight the importance of something. And a drawn light bulb shows ideas.
You can be as free as you like with your own key.

The first few pages of your Journal should be reserved for the index. (I used a double page for this). It’s for your orientation within the Bullet Journal, to have an overview of everything. Don’t forget to number the individual pages! 😉
That way you can directly find your “Movies to Watch” list, for example.

Overview of the Year
Those that are extra precise can divide this category again and add a “future log” with personal goals, or projects that deserve a little more attention. Because in its core, an annual overview offers a rough summary of the year. Each month gets about a third of the page. That’s where to main appointments, events and plans go. And don’t forget the birthdays of your loved ones! 😀

Important Logs

The overview follow more logs. I design a cover for each month and add a small summary of it, writing down the goals for the following week, dividing it into parts. It’s more detailed than the annual overview and gets an entire double page.
I get more into it in the Weekly Logs. I note down important dates and my daily work out.

If you like it even more detailed, or if you need daily To Do lists like me, I recommend making a Daily Log instead of a Weekly one. Each day gets its own page, with every single task, idea, meeting, etc.

Additional Content

  • Notes and space for sketches

  • Shopping lists

  • Travelbucketlist

  • Habit Tracker

  • Timetable / university courses

  • “My Year in Pixels” (keeping track of your daily mood)

  • “Movies to Watch” / TV Show Tracker

  • Cooking plans / grocery list

  • Study Tracker

  • Diet plan

*very popular are lovingly created pages that encourage “positive thinking”, with motivating quotes or good memories

*thanks to “Avery-Zweckform” for the amazing notebooks.
Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018 Amely Rose fashionblogger Notizio Avery Zweckform Bulletjournal deutsch kaufen Bujo Planer Kalender 2018


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39 thoughts on “How to start your Bullet Journal – the Basics

  1. Darüber habe ich auch schon sooo viel gelesen und gesehen. Ich gehöre ja auch noch zu denen, die ganz klassische einen Kalender auf Papier führen. Allerdings blicke ich immer recht neidisch auf alle, die das auch noch schön gestalten und so… das halte ich immer nicht lange durch! 😉

  2. Ich selber bin ein totaler Fan von Notizbücher und Planern. Viele (vor allem in meinem Alter) machen das alles übers Handy, aber ich finde es praktischer, wenn man sich Ziele und To Do Listen aufschreiben kann und sie dann durchstreichen kann, wenn man sie erledigt hat. Es gibt doch nichts schöneres als eine komplett durchgestrichene To Do Liste. 😀

    LG Pierre von Milk&Sugar

  3. Ich hab vor ca. zwei Monaten mit Bullet Journaling begonnen. Für To Do Listen finde ich es wahnsinnig gut, aber für meine Termine fand ich es leider so unpassend, dass ich da wieder auf meinen normalen Kalender umgestiegen bin. Jetzt überlege ich mein Bullet Journal nur für meine To Do´s zu nutzen, bin mir aber noch nicht ganz sicher wie ich das genau anstellen werde. Auf jeden Fall ist es sehr motivierend, wenn man was abhaken kann. 😉

    Liebste Grüße Tamara

  4. Ich liebe ja Notizbücher jeder Art und führe seit einigen Jahren ein “One Line a Day” Buch. Bei Notizbüchern oder Planern fange ich allerdings ständig neu an und verliere dann die Lust sie ordentlich zu führen. Ich hebe sie aber alle auf, ist recht lustig wenn ich dann sehe, was ich mit 10 Jahren so alles wichtig fand. 🙂
    Ein schöner Beitrag, vielleicht hilft er mir beim Durchhalten. 😉
    LG Charli von

  5. Das ist ja mal eine tolle Idee. Die Bullet Journals sehe ich momentan überall 😀 Vielleicht sollte ich mir auch eins zulegen.

    Vielen Dank, freut mich dass die Kette dir gefällt 🙂
    Alles Liebe Sara <3

  6. Hi Amely Rose,
    soso, du bist also genau wie ich ein “gefallenes Mädchen”, jedenfalls was deine Sturzerfahrung in Krysuvik betrifft! ;-)) Da musste ich auch grinsen… Ich glaube, es geht ganz leicht, dort zu purzeln… der Hang hat es echt in sich, überhaupt bei Matsch. Ich hoffe, dein schmerzhafter Sturz hat keine Langzeitfolgen!
    Nachdem ich momentan keine Lust auf Gewinnspiele habe, bin ich zu deinem vorangegangenen Post geswitcht – sieht sehr interessant aus, dieses Bullet Journal. Leider bin ich eine DERARTIGE Chaotin, dass ich solche Dinge in meinem Leben schon mehrmals mit Feuereifer begonnen… und dann wieder komplett darauf vergessen habe. Kurz, für echte Chaoten gibt es nur das System, mit dem Chaos zu leben. Auch damit kann man sich schließlich immer wieder neu erfinden
    Ich glaube übrigens, es gibt einen Jahreszahl-Vertipper in deinem Beitrag, und zwar hier: “2012 kommt mit “Notizio” ein Notizbuch auf den Markt”…
    Herzliche rostrosige Adventgrüße und wunderschöne Festtage,

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