I’m off – when it feels like a short getaway

amelyrose_amely_rose_kurzurlaub_Urlaub-in-deutschland_nrw_direktstick_direkt-stick.de_direkt-stick_bettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenk_Geschenkidee_personalisierte-geschenkeamelyrose_amely_rose_kurzurlaub_Urlaub-in-deutschland_nrw_direktstick_direkt-stick.de_direkt-stick_bettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenk_Geschenkidee_personalisierte-geschenkeThis Blogpost contains advertisement.
I’m off – when it feels like a short getaway
What would you take with you on a desert island?
Summer has come to an end and even when there are plenty of sunny and warm days ahead, it’s getting uncomfortable in the monring.
Darkness is falling in the early evening and the streets are covered with red leaves. Slowly my body and mind need to come back down. After a hot and turbulent summer – it’s about time!
Spending every moment in bed, that’s all I want to do right now. Cozy and warm.
I took the quest („what would you take with you on a desert island?“) quiet seriously and played it through. And now I can answer it: I would definetly take a cozy blanket to a desert island.

How I came up with this shooting idea?

The moment I got these two blankets it was like balm form y soul. The one and only thing after a stressful and long workday. You need nothing more than a cozy blanket and a good book. And I felt this pleasant anticipation while holding these two items in my hands.
Only a few moments before I was in a physically and mentally stressful situation.
Do I get everything for university done? Why was my workday this rough? Do I have the chance to buy and cook healthy food? And why are there so many days left for the weekend to come?
But I forgot all these things after I sliped on the soft material. Muffled in the cozy blanket it feeös like beeing on a short vacation, like spending time on a beautiful desert island. Far away from vibrating phones, overflowing mail-inboxes, urgent phone calls and the noisy city.
bettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenke_geschenke_amelyrose_amely_rose_fashionblogger_editorial_direktstick_direkt-stick_baumwolldeckebettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenke_geschenke_amelyrose_amely_rose_fashionblogger_editorial_direktstick_direkt-stick_baumwolldeckebettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenke_geschenke_amelyrose_amely_rose_fashionblogger_editorial_direktstick_direkt-stick_baumwolldeckebettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenke_geschenke_amelyrose_amely_rose_fashionblogger_editorial_direktstick_direkt-stick_baumwolldeckebettdecke_kuscheldecke_weihnachtsgeschenke_geschenke_amelyrose_amely_rose_fashionblogger_editorial_direktstick_direkt-stick_baumwolldeckeYour future depends on your dreams – so go to SLEEP
Nothing is easier than this with these dreamlike blankets.
I tested 2 of them and here ismy honest review. The Memphis Kuscheldecke in a dark blue shade and the Doubleface Wohndecke in a light and on the other side in a dark grey shade.
I think, that there is always the right blanket for every occasion. And this is why I got 2 blankets. The dark blue on is mostly of polyester and that’s why it is soft and light. The doubleface-blanket is more suitable fort he daily use. The material is mainly of cotton and therefor the blanket is heavier and very warm. Perfect fort he colder days and remember . winter is coming!

And this is the reason why I can’t tell you, which one is the best blanket.
The dark blue one os perfect for cozy times you spend in bed, the grey one is ideal for a comfy evening on your couch, watching TV or reading a good book.
What I like best is – there are huge colors to choose between.
No matter if you like eyecatchy colors or if you keep it classy and cool.
I chose a elegant grey combination (darker on one side and light on the othher one). The other blanker is dark blue. I adore this color and think it’s perfect fort he colder days.

Furthermore you can broider your blanket (in the shop) individually.
It takes a few simple Stepps and you can choose between many cool and sweet symbols, the color of the embroidery and the font.
This idea is simply perfect for a christmas gift, what do you think?

*thank you direkt-strick for this lovely cooperation

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31 thoughts on “I’m off – when it feels like a short getaway

  1. Die Bettdecken sind so wunderschön!
    Da kommt man direkt ins Träumen und so schön gemütlich.
    Ich finde es so bezaubernd, dass man die Decken individuell besticken lassen kann – das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk würde ich mal sagen.

  2. These pictures are soooo beautiful! You definitely brought out your creative side here and you look so cute and cozy <3 Have a lovely week!

    -PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

    Say hello and let’s follow each other <3

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