just a normal shooting | halloween fail – storytime

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I love showing you new, extravagant pictures.
Other than my Blog-workmates, who come off very well with ther concept: always posing infront of the same naked wall, holding a coffee mug in their hands and a shy smile. The same picture….again and again…just with other clothes.
It works for them….pretty good. But not for me. I like it more…adventurous.
And you guys seemed to notice that, because I get that one question quite often: Can you tell me, what a normal shooting looks like.
Well, my shootings aren’t “normal” and after all those years I got used to all the stress and chaos.
I can’t show you a picture, not even a single one, for which I didn’t push the envelope. I climbed so many fences, got biten by donkeys and got an electric shock while I tried to pose with a camel.

But I DO have a favorite shooting-story. This one happened a few years ago but still I adore talking about it and to be honest, I never had such a shooting…again.
I tried to take an amazing Halloween-picture with my 2 best friends. And what is better than pumpkins during this special time of the year? We got really excited when we found a field full of pumpkins. We should’ve noticed, that this was too good to be true. Why should this many pumpkins lay on a field before halloween? Just to make it clear, here is the end of the pumpkin-story, so you actually realise how useless this entire….attempt to take the perfect halloween-picture was. Well, this was not a “normal” field, but a huge compost heap. The pumpkins roted there and it smelled soooo badly. Unthinkable to take good shot under these conditions. Not to mention, that I was wearing a huge and beautiful ball gown. There was no way, to lay down in that dress, next to all those rotten pumpkins.

So the trip started and we packed everything into the small car. And with “we” I mean: Myself, the model, the photographer and make up artist – ahh and Frank. Frank is my 1,80m skeleton. While others have beautiful flower vases or invest in amazing artworks, I bought myself a huge skeleton.
Of course we put Frank on the back seat and also put on the seat belt.
Sadly we couldn’t get to the “pumpkin field” by car but still we didn’t want to give up. Oh my dear, I wish we did!
After a while we became cocky and drove down a muddy path, during a rainy autumn-day…with a car, that wasn’t able to drive under these circumstances. To be honest, we, the driver and co-drivers plus Frank weren’t able to get through taht situation under these circumstances, too.
A moment later we realised, that the car got stuck in the mud. Well shit!
We weren’t able to avoid getting out of the car and try to sort out the mess again, somehow. We pushed and pulled and tried to move the car. Btw. I was still wearing the huge ball gown!
BUT I realised it and tried to cover myself and the dress with…garbage bags, to not get dirty. Not my best idea. But let’s be honest, we didn’t have many good ideas during that day. Anyways, no matter what we tried, we couldn’t move the car. Not even an inch. Yet we pushed our feet deeper into the mud and fell into the sludge many times.
amely_rose, amely, rose, floral, flower, magnolie, magnolia, longhair, spring, frühling, amely_rose, amely, rose, floral, flower, magnolie, magnolia, longhair, spring, frühling,Finally we realised, that the situation was hopeless. So we left the car and walked back to the small city to find someone, who could help us.
Well, we didn’t find a person, who helped us. And I have no idea, if the residents weren’t cooperative or if they wanted to avoid us because of our appearance. 3 girls covered in mud and one of them wearing an amazing ball gown and smokey eyes.
After a while we made the first good decision and called a breakdown service. The breakdown service came and…the man was totally overchallanged!
Even he had problems getting to our car through the muddy path, although his car was huge and looked like it was perfect for these conditions.
But while he could take a look at our mishap, he saw 3 girls, nervously and impatiently hopping from one foot to the other. We tried our best to explain him that and why we had a skeleton in our car. Of course Frank was still belted on the car’s back seat.

After a while and our shout of encouragement, the man got our car out of the mud and we decided, that the best idea was, to drive home as fats as possible, to avoid more chaotic situations.
amely, rose, amelyrose, amely_rose, cinesischer_garten, botanischer_garten, magnolie, magnolia

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