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just a normal shooting | halloween fail – storytime

*This blogpost contains advertisement. Just a normal shooting | fail – storytime I love showing you new, extravagant pictures. Other than my Blog-workmates, who come off very well with ther concept: always posing infront of the same naked wall, holding a coffee mug in their hands and a shy smile. The same picture….again and again…just […]


I am sorry but I don’t like your present

*This Blogpost contains advertisement. I am sorry but I don’t like your present | I wish it was naughty, nice or at least trendy Since I know, that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, every single days stresses me out. Day by day christmas nears. And slowly but surely the mountain of unwelcome gifts grows. And with […]


you’ve got fat! my life as a plus, plus, plus size model

You’ve got fat! My life as a plus, plus, plus size Model Right now, I am sitting sobbing on the floor. Still holding the craftin scissors. Thick stand of hair lying on the floor next to me. Well, at least I have this down pat. Hell yes, come to think about it, this was reallsy […]