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*film: by Frédéric Sapart | you can find the entire film HERE
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Who’d have thought that you can spend your vacations in a stilish Apartment in Berlin, that is bigger than your own flat?
Till now traveling always aroused a feeling of anxiety, stress and maybe even a bit panic. Most of all the topic „accommodation“ prompt feelings of discommfort -anaything but a thrill of anticipation. But surprisingly I had an amazing stay in Berlin.
During the Pressdays in berlin I spend my freetime in the cozy Circus Apartment. And yes, in these Apartments with THIS atmosphere you can call it LIVING. Really living and not like usual living from the inside of your case….no,I mean licing – and feeling like beeing home.

Modernity, singularity, comfort and the unique berlin chic extended on more than 63m2. I even had my own back porch. Can I please stay for ever?
circus apartment in berlin - schönes wohnzimmercircus apartment in berlin - retro schlafzimmerAs a child I never wanted to visit the circus – now I’m right in the middle of it.

The customer is king – my favorite idiom. But is this also usable for hotels? How can a building fit and suit my needs? Sometimes I go on vacation with my family, oftener I travel alone, am on business trips and what about a romantic trip with your better half?

The Circus cognize this problem, too and solved it 3 times. With a Circus Hotel, Hostel and the lovingly decorated apartments. Something for all your Needs.
hostel in berlindavid hasselhoff museum in berlinLocation
When I moved to the countryside, my family and friends always asked me, why I left a big city. Yes, I try my best to avoid big cities. Too loud, too dirty and always in a rush….I prefer a long march to get from a to b.
But not this time. Although I lived central (the apartmants, the hotel and the hostel are between Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin Mitte) there is a cozy and slow down atmposphere.
Anyway the apartmentis in a quiet street but you reach all important spots fast.

Room | Apartment:
One highlight while my stay was the passion for detail. I was used to typical hotels, where all rooms look similar, sometimes maybe high-class andcost, but otherwise rather minimalistic.

But the Circus have their own interior achitect, who rage herself out in the room – in a creative way and decorate them individualy. There are so many detailsto discover. And saying „I need more time to discover all of them“ would be a lie,because another highlight is, that all rooms get redecorated and a touch up everytime. And not only the rooms, but everything in those three buildings is changing.

As I already mentioned, there are many apartments inthat building, with a room variation of 2-, 4-, 6- person. All of them are modern, individual and super cozy. Furnished with everything you need and more than that. For example fre WLAN; A Concierge-Service, aroom service that brings you the food to your room, a fridge, an IPAD, laundry service, a car park and much more. On top the amazing furnishing, spacious and high-class bathroom with a shower and bathtub, TV and a cozy bed.
circus apartment - schönes, gemütliches wohnzimmercircus apartments - luxuriöses hotel badmy little Berlin
A cool Idea, ’cause I don’t have much time to explore on shorttrips or businessstays. And these stays tend to, staying in your room or not experiencing „the right“thing. Mostly I am so tired after an appointment that I don’t want to take a long journey or don’t have enough time toinform myself.

The Circus offers you a small entertainmentworld, that covers nearly every tasty, wish or gerne. From the in-house brewery to special and unique sightseeing-offers.
And who loves museums AND Baywatch, there is also a David Hasselhoff Museum…or hall. But I have to disappoint the chest hair-fans. They had to remove the hairy hairpiece…

my advice:
Visit the rooftop-bar in the circus hotel. .the view on berlin’s skyline is AMAZING!

No other Hotel/Hostel or apartment could conserve the pulsating and exciting Berlin we know and love and echo it in four walls as good as The Circus. The combination of modern furnishing, individual decoration and passion for detail and gag, plus the comfort issimply amazing.
The perfect place to enjoy, experience but also to work.No matter if you travel allone, in a group, with your family or want to get to know knew People.
I spend an amazing time at the Circus Apartment.

The Circus Apartments
Choriner Strae 84

KQ9A0498 Kopie klein KQ9A0503 Kopie klein* Vielen lieben Dank fette Qualle für die tollen Fotos!
* Fotos: by Frédéric Sapart

: Jacket: G.Kero (sold out) | Skirt: New Look | Body: never fully dressed (sold out) |

Du willst die Adresse dieser Location wissen – die findest du in meinem London-Video: HIER


Wer hätte gedacht, dass Einkaufen – eine Tätigkeit die unser Leben seit so vielen Jahrhunderten erleichtert, so eine emotionale Achterbahnfahrt sein kann?
Viel mehr, wer hätte gedacht, dass ich, ICH – der Mensch der 90% seiner Zeit in Yogapants oder Pyjama abhängt und sich am Ende des Tages oft fragt “habe ich mir heute überhaupt die Haare gebürstet” – jemals heult und tagelang schlecht gelaunt ist wegen einer Jacke?
Ich auch nicht!
Aber holen wir etwas aus. Als eine meiner Liebsten Fashion-Bloggerinnen Masha S. im vorigen Jahr in einem ihrer ernsteren Posts beschrieb, dass sie sich mit Einkäufen belohnt als Motivation, bliebt schon etwas bei mir hängen… der konsumlastige Teil!
Getrost überlas  ich den restlichen Teil, in dem es um harte Arbeit ging und kleine Dollarzeichen leuchteten in meinen Augen auf.

Ich habe ihre Botschaft ganz genau verstanden – erreichtes Ziel = Shopping Himmel.
Also machte ich mich auf die Suche nach einem Ziel, welches ich schnellstmöglich erreichte und praktisch so oder so auf meinem Weg lag.
Denn verliebt hatte ich mich schon und zwar in diese Jacke, die ich in einigen Snaps der leben Marini entdeckte. Während ich also voller Elan meinem Ziel immer näher kam, entfernte sich die Jacke schleichend, immer weiter von mir. Bis sie letzten Endes, genau an dem Tag an dem ich sie endlich kaufen wollte, ausverkauft war.
KQ9A0496 Kopie klein KQ9A0529 Kopie klein

Es ist schon ein komisches Gefühl, mit Scheinchen in der Hand, vor deinem Laptop zu sitzen und Stück für Stück verschwindet dein Grinsen, bis es nur noch ein elendes Schluchzen ist.
Ich hatte meinen Entschluss gefasst. Einerseits wollte das Universum anscheinend mein Geld nicht und zusätzlich hat mich das Erreichen dieses Ziels nur enorm frustriert – also würde ich die nächsten Tage keine Ziele erreichen und lediglich schmollend auf der Couch sitzen.

Doch das Universum hat Humor und lachen wir nicht gerne mit ihm? Vor allem wenn es eine letzte Jacke (in deiner Größe) raushaut, genau an dem Zeitpunkt, an dem du absolut pleite bist?
Ich würde so gerne mit dem Universum lachen, geht nur etwas schwer, wenn man gerade frustriert schreit…und schreit…und schreit.
Ich fasse mich kurz und verurteilt mich nicht, ich habe sie mir doch gekauft.
Und bis jetzt  nur einmal getragen, genau für diese Fotos!

Gelitten habe ich trotzdem für vier. Eine weiße Designerjacke durch die Touri-Ecken Londons zu manövrieren, neben den Eis schleckenden Kindern ist und bleibt eine dumme Idee.
KQ9A0531 Kopie klein KQ9A0495 Kopie klein

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KQ9A9806 KopieKLEIN

*thank you so much fat jellyfish for the amazing pictures!!
* Photos: by Frédéric Sapart

: two peace: Asos | Catprint Shirt: newLook | heels: Public desire |

You want to know the address of this location – find it  HERE

Blue restaurants are totally my thing.
And yes, right now I am talking about the color (blue) and not the eating place per se or the food.
Okay, it’s always quiet shrewd to have a snack-place next to your shooting location – but this is secondary.
When you take a closer look at my Blog, you’ll probably recognize in my header (on the top of my Blog)
the young Amely Rose-Version. With fire-red hair, a feather headdress, an american flag swimsuit, sitting on a table. And where is this young Amely Rose?
Yes, in front of a blue restaurant. Relatively not that glamorous.
Nonetheless, this is my very first serious try as a Fashion-Blogger and til this day my favorite picture.
KQ9A9807 KopieKLEINKQ9A9894 KopieKLEIN

You can Imagine how happy I was, when I found this cool blue restaurant in London.
It’s funny how distant subjective and objective assessments are. I have to admit that, on the one hand this location is everything but beautiful. The wallpaint exfoliates, it is whiffy and garbage bags
tower on the streets. In short, this is one of those typical impasses, you would never ever enter.

In the same time, I fell in love with this spot. I almost had to force the fat jelly to shoot there.
But honestly, this is one of my favorite spots of Land in London.
In my eyes, as a person who’s never visited and touched the american ground, this is how I imagine New York and it’s special charm.
Mostly street in which the last sunbeams reflect, colorful highrises with golden letters, white paint
lettering on the streets and me posing wildy next to the road traffic.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed, that there will be a blue restaurant in Iceland too – our next stop.
This will may be my thing. Others collect beer coasters from different cities and bring shelss with them from all kinds of beaches…I collect virtual and digital blue food stalls and restaurants.

That’s because you see, this look wasn’t photographed in germany, but on my trip to London. Furthermore it is the first outfit we took ashot in this bright city. You already saw the first look HERE and both are my favorite pictures, looks and location.

This one was taken in the middle of Soho and it somehow embodies the grown, suitable for the daily use – Londoner Style. Adult, yet I don’t take myself too seriously.
KQ9A9755 KopieKLEIN KQ9A9822 KopieKLEIN

Fun fact, just in case you feel bad about all those well dressed travelbloggers (I also do), wearing amazing heels while exploring new cities and places.
I never look like this in real life when I travel! After the shoot, I swapped the blouse and blazer and put on a thick and comfy knit jumper in an ugly brown colour. I then changed the high heels for sneakers and put on a fluffy, thick blue winter-bomber. I am more the „at least I feel good“-type of traveler. Most of all when I’m exploring a city, the entire day and night.

Furthermore we couldn’t get into a few bars, restaurants and clubs, because „we have a dresscode“. Seriously, I don’t swap my thick, warm and comfy jumper, for an outfit in which I won’t survive the cold ferbuar days. Just to live up to „we have a dress code“. (Read the sentence with an exclamation mark in your inner, snoby voice).
At least I have a new Look for your in front of a blue restaurant.

LOCATION – do you like this location? I already told you in my first London-Post (HERE), that I started to mention my shooting locations in my videos, vlogs, FMAs. I think, that the solidarity between bloggers is really important and most of all I hate the crappy attempts to hide hints, and most of all, locations.
I searched for these locations for an entire day and I want to save you these pains. I am so excited to see your photos and what you create.
You find the address of this location in this Video HERE.
KQ9A9764 KopieKLEIN KQ9A9884 KopieKLEIN