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Who’d have thought that you can spend your vacations in a stilish Apartment in Berlin, that is bigger than your own flat?
Till now traveling always aroused a feeling of anxiety, stress and maybe even a bit panic. Most of all the topic „accommodation“ prompt feelings of discommfort -anaything but a thrill of anticipation. But surprisingly I had an amazing stay in Berlin.
During the Pressdays in berlin I spend my freetime in the cozy Circus Apartment. And yes, in these Apartments with THIS atmosphere you can call it LIVING. Really living and not like usual living from the inside of your case….no,I mean licing – and feeling like beeing home.

Modernity, singularity, comfort and the unique berlin chic extended on more than 63m2. I even had my own back porch. Can I please stay for ever?
circus apartment in berlin - schönes wohnzimmercircus apartment in berlin - retro schlafzimmerAs a child I never wanted to visit the circus – now I’m right in the middle of it.

The customer is king – my favorite idiom. But is this also usable for hotels? How can a building fit and suit my needs? Sometimes I go on vacation with my family, oftener I travel alone, am on business trips and what about a romantic trip with your better half?

The Circus cognize this problem, too and solved it 3 times. With a Circus Hotel, Hostel and the lovingly decorated apartments. Something for all your Needs.
hostel in berlindavid hasselhoff museum in berlinLocation
When I moved to the countryside, my family and friends always asked me, why I left a big city. Yes, I try my best to avoid big cities. Too loud, too dirty and always in a rush….I prefer a long march to get from a to b.
But not this time. Although I lived central (the apartmants, the hotel and the hostel are between Prenzlauer Berg and Berlin Mitte) there is a cozy and slow down atmposphere.
Anyway the apartmentis in a quiet street but you reach all important spots fast.

Room | Apartment:
One highlight while my stay was the passion for detail. I was used to typical hotels, where all rooms look similar, sometimes maybe high-class andcost, but otherwise rather minimalistic.

But the Circus have their own interior achitect, who rage herself out in the room – in a creative way and decorate them individualy. There are so many detailsto discover. And saying „I need more time to discover all of them“ would be a lie,because another highlight is, that all rooms get redecorated and a touch up everytime. And not only the rooms, but everything in those three buildings is changing.

As I already mentioned, there are many apartments inthat building, with a room variation of 2-, 4-, 6- person. All of them are modern, individual and super cozy. Furnished with everything you need and more than that. For example fre WLAN; A Concierge-Service, aroom service that brings you the food to your room, a fridge, an IPAD, laundry service, a car park and much more. On top the amazing furnishing, spacious and high-class bathroom with a shower and bathtub, TV and a cozy bed.
circus apartment - schönes, gemütliches wohnzimmercircus apartments - luxuriöses hotel badmy little Berlin
A cool Idea, ’cause I don’t have much time to explore on shorttrips or businessstays. And these stays tend to, staying in your room or not experiencing „the right“thing. Mostly I am so tired after an appointment that I don’t want to take a long journey or don’t have enough time toinform myself.

The Circus offers you a small entertainmentworld, that covers nearly every tasty, wish or gerne. From the in-house brewery to special and unique sightseeing-offers.
And who loves museums AND Baywatch, there is also a David Hasselhoff Museum…or hall. But I have to disappoint the chest hair-fans. They had to remove the hairy hairpiece…

my advice:
Visit the rooftop-bar in the circus hotel. .the view on berlin’s skyline is AMAZING!

No other Hotel/Hostel or apartment could conserve the pulsating and exciting Berlin we know and love and echo it in four walls as good as The Circus. The combination of modern furnishing, individual decoration and passion for detail and gag, plus the comfort issimply amazing.
The perfect place to enjoy, experience but also to work.No matter if you travel allone, in a group, with your family or want to get to know knew People.
I spend an amazing time at the Circus Apartment.

The Circus Apartments
Choriner Strae 84

KQ9A8752 KopieKLEINKQ9A8693 KopieKLEIN*thank you so much fat jellyfish for these amazing Pictures!
*pictures by: fat jelly

By now I am at an age when your body whispers into your ear at the next day “don’t ever do this again!“

Meanwhile I reach that age when High Heels literally force you to your knees, the very thought of them. Even better, that my trip to Berlin and after that to Munich (incidentally with the same case and clothes for nearly two weeks) started with the good old german game „I pack my suitcase and take with me…“ – and thereby it’s really funny, I took a pair of pumps that where 2 sizes smaller.
By this time I lay in my bed in the quiet Eifel (a small village in the countryside) and blog. And yes, I love to live in the village, where your neighbors see more than god.

I deserve it after my trip to Berlin and Munich, to stay in my bed and don’t leave the house for the next week. If you need more reasons to stay in bed: it’s cold, dark and not yet friday.

Who missed my „mimiiimiiiii“ about my chaotic trip, I shoulder this emotional load and travel back mentally. At the end of April 2016 I traveled with my fat jellyfish to Berlin, than back for a short trip to my family to celebrate my Birthday with them and back on the road again to munich.

Notabene with just one case!
KQ9A8744 KopieKLEINKQ9A8695 KopieKLEIN

And I deliberated it and cramed my entire stuff into the smallest suitcase I could find. This way I have less to drag……and less to wear. What I noticed, when I wore the same look for the 4th time.

But no worries, I can better this.

Yes, I can better my own chaos. It was my first time in Munich and everything went wrong.
I am as I am, and therefor I am really clever. So I booked the night train, that came to a totally different time than I booked it and furthermore was unpunctual. And the worst, the train arrived in an incorrect order. It was bound to happen!

The moment you fall asleep in the night train to Munich and wake up in Basel, Switzerland. Yes, I left germany without even recognizing it.
And the cute Mr. Jöggli schmuggles you back to Munich without a ticket or anything, just a hand written letter. So to speak, never before I was in Switzerland.
There are pros and cons either way.

Nonetheless….in Berlin, with my big love, a dream came true. I had a Shooting on this lovely yellow basketball court. For my dreams I will also do it in undersized heels.KQ9A8707 KopieKLEINKQ9A8716 KopieKLEINKQ9A8734 KopieKLEIN