confessions of an adult | FashionWeek berlin

Confessions of an adult Hey, I am Amely and I am afraid of the life as an adult. Typing these few words gives me thrills and I wish I could finish this blogpost right now. But I feel the need to explain this statement. Yet it already expresses all my fears and frustration. And I […]


you’ve got fat! my life as a plus, plus, plus size model

You’ve got fat! My life as a plus, plus, plus size Model Right now, I am sitting sobbing on the floor. Still holding the craftin scissors. Thick stand of hair lying on the floor next to me. Well, at least I have this down pat. Hell yes, come to think about it, this was reallsy […]

Amely Rose zur Fashionweek in London vor demlondoner Hotspot Pub Churchill arms im gelben Enteiler, Zara Jacke und orangen Pumps.

The ultimate hater-guide | my fellow bloggers are annoying

There are negative experiences connected to my (new) favorite photo series from London. I just found out that it’s really “in” to mouth off about somebody or something in posts. About one year ago this collective sigh was camouflaged as “sunday post” (or any other day of the week you’d like to choose). Today this […]