Amely Rose festival look vor kamelen, tierfotografie coachella summerlook im bunten zara kimono

#squadgoals | a festival look

I could tell you something about friendship. When I take a look at what my blogger-colleagues to, such a doleful post is due. This howling about fake friends, bad influence and that friendship only exists as an instagrammable #squadgoal . How to correctly break up with those people and most of all a 2000 word-post, […]

Amely Rose german fashionblogger in Bonn between the cherryblossom – fashioneditorial – spring outfit - kirschblüten altstadt

All Blogs Post the Same – You Only Live Online

All blogs post the same… good, that I am no blogger. Well, I have a blog – and Instagram. And yes, I mention it like once or twice in any conversation. Perhaps I choose the most instagrammable food when I order something at a restaurant, and I might be guilty of arranging the table set […]