amely rose wearinf a satin midi skirt and the bengalkitten cat walk

10 things only Cat-Mommys understand

  *thank you so much fat jellyfish for the amazing pictures!! * Photos: by Frédéric Sapart Cat Walk, the most fashionable Cat. Find him on INSTAGRAM. Today you read 10 things, which only real cat-mommys understand. Can you relate to this or am I the only crazy one around here? Btw: I plan to film more […]

Amely Rose and the Bengalkitten

Catwalk the Bengalcat

May I introduce, Cat Walk the most fashionable Cat. FOLLOW CAT WALK ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM! Who follows me on Snapchat (theamelyrose) get his daily dose of cuteness and #catcontent. But also my Blog got filled with pleasant anticipation. For more a less a month this little tiger lives at our place and since than […]